Our business is your Safety.


Our business is your Safety.


The inFeedo team is always on it’s toes to not only provide you with a best in class product experience but to also keep you safe and secure from the cyber threats out there. Our aim is to fulfil your expectation of keeping all your data secure, confidential and private. We have articulated a few points that explain how we plan to make sure that all your focus is on innovation and not on worrying about your data. This document along with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are updated as and when we upgrade our systems.


All the pages are 256-bit SSL encrypted (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption). This ensures that the username password or any post cannot be eavesdropped and all interaction on inFeedo is secured. Security measures are regularly monitored and they are upgraded proactively as and when an error is found.

Secure Location

inFeedo is hosted on secure Amazon Data Centres. We host your data and our web server separately to minimise the risk of losing data due to downtime. The Web Server is configured for Auto Scaling. When the load increases, more servers are added automatically so your browsing experience is not affected. To read more about how secure Amazon Web Services are, please go through this link:

Your Password and other sensitive data

inFeedo is a place where stakeholders of an organisation share innovative ideas, discuss existing issues and share their solutions. Protection and confidentiality of this information are central to our business and therefore we have a robust system in place to make sure it is safe.

We use one-way encryption using MD5 encryption algorithm for your passwords. If you forget your password, a temporary password is generated and sent to you by email. Upon logging in you will be asked to change that temporary password. Sensitive information like email, mobile number, first name, last name etc. are encrypted and stored in the database. Only upon application requests for populating reports, screens etc. the information is de-encrypted.

inFeedo Team's Assurance and Your Confidentiality

Much before we conceptualised inFeedo, our team has been involved in providing secure internet services for a long time now. With a team of 125+ years of cumulative experience, our engineering, quality assessment and product guys undergo regular sessions to stay up to date with the latest skills required to stay safe in this ever changing cyber world. Read about our young team and seasoned advisors here:

All employees undergo orientation for Data Security/Privacy and sign a legally bound Non-Disclosure Agreement. Strict guidelines are in place when it comes to accessing user data. Only for a support request the user information can be retrieved by an isolated and specially trained support staff and any such access is logged.


A parallel Server Mirror (Slave) is maintained, which keeps all the data in sync. In the unlikely event of the server crashing the Slave takes over and becomes the master. This ensures that there is no loss of Data. In addition to the Master-Slave architecture, the Database is backed up every day and data can be restored to the last 24-hour snapshot.

Reporting a Security Bug

The importance of data security is as important to us as it is to you. Our team makes regular health checks to ensure maximum security. However if you think you found a security bug in our system, please send an email to We will investigate the problem and fix it in the best way possible. (You will receive proper credits for your help)